Training, Boarding and Daycare


Our goal at The Dogs Spot is to provide quality service at affordable prices. 



Private Lessons:

Private lessons $75 per hour. If you purchase 5 lessons you'll receive half off the 6th lesson. 



$150 non-refundable, non-transferable  deposit (due at booking)

$875 for dogs with no behavioral issues Bootcamp I

$1075 for dogs with behavioral issues for Bootcamp I

$995 for Bootcamp II

$1800 for Bootcamp I and II as a bundle

Aggressive Dogs will be taken on a case by case basis.  A prequalification appointment must be scheduled with the Owner.  The Cost will start at $1500 and Increase with the Severity of the aggression. 



$20 per day for Bootcamp Graduates must be able to be on a playgroup or the $30 rate applys.

$25 per day for well socialized boarders

$30 per day for special handling boarders (such as aggressive dogs, old dogs, too young or small for playgroups, etc)

$3.00 per day food charge (using our food)

$2.00 per day for Photo/email updates

$50 after hours drop off or pick up fee.

 Service Dog Training:

$2200 for temperament approved dogs