Training, Boarding and Daycare

Plenty of playtime


The Dogs Spot boarding is very different from the usual concrete kennel runs that you see. All the dogs that board with us are assigned their own crates and playgroups for the duration of their stay. We try to keep the setting as close to a home environment as possible while still being able to house up to 40 dogs. Each dog must be current on their vaccines, on a flea prevention program and get along with other dogs. But don't worry if you're not great with other dogs we have limited space available for you too. All clients bring their own food in a labelled container and a bed or blanket that smells like home, a copy of a current vaccination record and any medicines that may become due. The cost is $25 per day for well socialized dogs and $30 per day for dogs that require special handling charges include day of drop off and pick up or if you are a graduate of our bootcamp program the cost $20 per day. We schedule drop off and pick up appointments Monday through Saturday between 9am and 5pm. All dogs that board with us are given a complimentary bath on the day of pick up.

The Dogs Spot is licensed with the Georgia Department of Agriculture and we invite you to schedule a facility tour to check us out.

While daycare style boarding is a great time for your dog it is not without it's risks, just like sending a child to school bumps and scrapes can occur. Dogs can play rough and inadvertently injure each other.


Classes and Lessons

All classes are taught in our 3000 square foot climate controlled training building.

Private lessons are available Monday through Saturday 10am until 5pm by appointment. These lessons are one on one training for you and your dog. Private lessons are available for every type of training from puppy pet skills, through off leash basic obedience and all the way through advanced competition obedience. The cost is $65 per hour or $325 for 6 lessons. Please come prepared with a list of training and behavioral issues that you would like to work on. If you need a Saturday lesson please book early as Saturdays tend to fill up fast.



In-Kennel Training or Bootcamp

What it covers:

The in-kennel program covers all of your basic commands: sit, down, stay, walk on a loose leash, come when called, a go to your place command and an off leash with me command. The commands are taught with a combination of positive and negative reinforcement. This balanced approach to dog training has been shown to produce the most reliable results. In addition to the basic commands any behavioral issues will be addressed.


How it works:

You decide when you would like to have your dog trained and call to reserve you dogs training slot. Due to limited spaces a non-refundable, non-transferable deposit of $150 is required at the time of booking. The balance of the training fees are due when you drop your dog off. 


Once your in-take lesson has been booked I ask you to sit down with your family and make me a wish list that is a list of all the things that you wish your dog did and all the things that you wish your dog didn’t do.


When you arrive for your lesson we go over the list together and work out a training strategy and the commands that you would like for me to use. The dog then stays with me for a 3  week period. During which he/she receives training sessions each day and when not training is boarded in our kennel which allows for a lot of dog playtime and exercise. The training takes place at The Dogs Spot training center as well as out in public in real life situations.


Upon completion of the training you will receive at least an hour "transfer" session, during this session we work together to firstly demonstrate what your dog now knows. Then you will receive instruction on how to work with your dog and be sure the dog understands that the rules now apply to you as well. In addition you are given a maintenance training program. This program is designed to keep the commands fresh and to keep your dog as responsive as when he left. The training is guaranteed as long as the maintenance program is followed.