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Let us do the heavy lifting for you. We offer several options of board and train programs. These are programs where your dog boards at our facility and is trained daily by our professional trainers. The programs range from three to six week stays depending on the level of training that you choose. All programs include graduation lessons, access to our graduates only online support DVD's and follow up coaching/training sessions to ensure a smooth transition to your home  Additionally your dog, upon completion of the program, becomes an elite member of our Dogs Spot family, earning preferred boarding status with discounts on boarding.

While your dog is with us you will receive 2 photos and one video per week of your dog. This is posted to our Facebook page. 

The Dogs Spot trainers use a balanced approach to dog training. Balanced training has been proven to provide reliable results and makes transferring the training to the owner easy. We use treats and training collars.

This is Henrys graduation video. Henry came to The Dogs Spot for Daycare and the training was a gift from Henrys dad to Henrys mom and it was a surprise for Christmas

Puppy Primer

The Puppy Primer program is for puppies under 4 months of age. The Program is three weeks in length and covers loose leash walking, sit, down, stay, come, go lie down, kennel and off. All of these commands are on leash with "come" being on a long line and due to age limitations of puppies will not be completely finished out. We will also address puppy biting, crate training, jumping up and facilitate house training. We CANNOT house train your puppy to 100% reliability due to age but we will facilitate housebreaking by providing a doggie door, utilizing a crate and frequent potty breaks. You will need to continue to be vigilant when you bring your pup home.



puppy training


dog obedience training
Basic Bootcamp

Basic Bootcamp is our entry level program and is suited is to dogs that are over 4 months of age. It is a three week program and covers loose leash walking, sit, down, stay, come, go lie down, kennel and off (no jumping). All commands are on leash except for "come" which is off leash. Additionally light distractions are added to all commands and an auto sit when stopping during walking is taught. This program is ideal for dogs that are going to be more the stay at home type of companions. It teaches great household manners and is perfect for around the house.

Distraction Training

Community Program

The Community Program is for dogs over 4 months of age and is five weeks in length, is a middle level program and is my favorite as it produces a really nice, well rounded companion that can be a good member of the community. It covers all of the commands taught in the Basic Bootcamp, loose leash walking, sit, down, stay, come, go lie down, kennel and off. All commands are on leash except for "come" which is off leash. Additionally the last 2 weeks are spent training your dog out in public. This teaches your dog that no matter where they are, who's there or what's going on they still have to follow their commands. We utilize dog friendly places such as Home Depot, Lowes, Tanger Outlets, Old Navy etc. All commands are practiced in different locations and we add in not jumping during greeting new people. At the end of the program you also receive an additional graduation session in a public location. 



Community Training

Leash Free
group dog obedience

Leash free is our highest level of obedience training short of moving into competition obedience. It is a six week program and includes all of Basic Bootcamp commands, loose leash walking (off leash heel at your side), sit, down, stay, come, go lie down, kennel and off. All commands are trained through off leash reliability. This program is ideal for those clients that enjoy activities with their dogs where a leash is a hinderance, such as going hiking or to beaches and other parks where dogs are allowed off leash. 


Leash Free and advanced off leash

Leash Free plus Community

Leash Free plus Community is our all encompassing program. It gives you all of the training of both programs. It is 6 weeks in length the same as the Leash Free program but the last 3 weeks of training include an extra daily community session. So not only does your dog get their regular off leash training on our fully fenced 5 acres they are also taken out in the community daily as in our Community Program and trained there, so they are getting 2 sessions per day. One leash free and the other community.

off leash dog training
Service Dog Program
service dog training

This program is for dogs with owners who have a disability and need a service dog. The program is six weeks in length and covers all the training included in basic bootcamp, community and leash free plus we will train one disability alleviating behavior required to be a service dog. The base price covers obedience and one task. Additional tasks can be added for an additional fee. This program has also been used to train comfort dogs for funeral homes as well as therapy dogs.

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