Training and Boarding


The Dogs Spot offers home style boarding. This means that we use crates instead of kennel runs and large yards for the dogs to play in. All of our guests are assigned their own crates for eating and sleeping and a play yard with appropriate friends for their exercise and play time. All of the dogs get  eight hours of play time per day. The play yards all have access to indoor climate controlled areas for napping or getting out of the elements.

Our kennel technicians are trained through our dog daycare training modules and they provide supervision for the play yards, monitor the dogs eating and drinking habits, and keep check on all of the dogs well being.

All of our guests receive a complimentary bath on pick up day.

Boarding fees include the day of drop off and pick up and are $33 per day for socialized dogs, or $40 per day for special needs dogs. This includes dogs that are under socialized , extremely old or very young dogs or dogs with physical issues that prohibit them from participating in play yards or you can choose to upgrade to our suites. Socialized Bootcamp Graduates are $27 per day. (Except for special needs graduates).

We ask that all guests bring their own food in a labelled container, a blanket that smells like home and an updated copy of vaccination records.

Training refreshers may be added to a graduates boarding stay for an additional fee of $35 per day.

Drop off and pick up appointments are scheduled Monday through Friday between 9am and 5pm and on Saturday from 9am and 12pm.

The Dogs Spot is licensed with the Georgia Department of Agriculture and we invite you to schedule a facility tour.

Call 912-823-4382 to book.


While daycare style boarding is a great time for your dog it is not without it's risks, just like sending a child to school bumps and scrapes can occur. Dogs can play rough and inadvertently injure each other in spite of constant supervision.

Additional activities:

Splash Time:

For an additional charge you can add a Splash time to your dogs stay. Add as many or as few as you want. If your dog doesn't know how to swim enroll him or her in swim camp. 

Fetch Time:

Does your dog love to play fetch ? Add a dedicated fetch time to your pets day. $35 per session.